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Many of us include pets as part of our family. This means that we care for them throughout their lives because we generally outlive them. However, many pet owners want to ensure that their pet companions are also provided for when unforeseen circumstances occur, such as the owner’s incapacity or death. This has led to increasingly popular planning for pets by pet owners through various legal measures. Pet planning may become especially important for older pet owners who may not outlive their pets.

If you need assistance with understanding pet planning and how to implement it, you can rely on The Barclay Law Firm. As pet owners ourselves, we understand how important your dog, cat, or other pet can be to your health and happiness. Our team can explain how pet planning works and help you create the right solution for your circumstances. With decades of experience in estate planning and related matters, we have the knowledge and skills needed to put your pet plan into effect. 

You may be asking yourself if pet planning is really necessary. For many pet owners, the thought of their beloved pet being abandoned without care is an intolerable one. Should you become suddenly ill, injured, or the victim of a fatal accident, what will become of your pet? By taking a few legal steps, you can ensure that your pet is never left homeless. 

Pet planning can become part of your estate plan. One simple step is to name a new owner for your pet in your will or estate plan should anything happen to you. However, this does not handle your pet’s needs while your will is being probated. Also, you may not want to burden the new owner with financial concerns in caring for your pet, such as food, veterinary expenses, regular grooming, toys, dog-walking, pet-sitting, or other needs. 

These considerations can be handled by setting up a pet trust. In the trust, you can designate a trustee who will have a fiduciary duty to implement its instructions. This means that the funds you provide for the care of your pet will be used as detailed in the trust. Also, the trust is not dependent on probate; it will go into immediate effect Thus, your pet will be taken care of according to your wishes. This gives many pet owners peace of mind in knowing they have legal measures in place for the prompt care of their pets should that care become urgently necessary.

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At The Barclay Law Firm, we understand the needs of pet owners. Our team is here to help you establish the right pet plan based on your situation. Let us put our client care and professional skills to work for you in this important matter. 

Discuss your case with a St. Louis pet planning lawyer at The Barclay Law Firm in a free initial consultation. Submit your contact details online or call us at (314) 916-6301.

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